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Dr. Anna Del Amico was a doctor who worked at County General Hospital. She first appeared in the 3rd season's final three episodes and becomes a cast member by the 4th season, and leaves by the end of the season. She was portrayed by Maria Bello from 1997 to 1998.

Season ThreeEdit

Anna is introduced in the episode "Random Acts" where she was an ER Pediatric fellow specializing in Emergency Medicine. She appears in the season's final two episodes.

Season Four\DepartureEdit

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Carter and Anna

Anna's position as a pediatrician initially causes friction with Doug, but it seems to be resolved. Anna starts to become close to Carter throughout the season and admits there has been some chemistry between the two of them, but she never exactly exchanges the same strong feelings Carter has for her.

Anna was very insulted when she discovers Carter's family fortune that he kept secret. She felt betrayed and fooled after giving him a glimpse of her poor struggling lifestyle. She never felt secure in such a wealthy setting and was always happy with her "getting by day to day" persona. Anna also became good friends with Carol Hathaway and Elizabeth Corday during her time at County.

Anna becomes a doctor consultant in Carol Hathaway's ER clinic. She helps Carter detox his cousin Chase. She tells Carter she has had to do this with her ex-boyfriend, Max and knows what he is going through. When Dr. Anspaugh's son, Scott's cancer comes back, Anna is one of the doctors that donates blood for a marrow drive for Scott that Carol Hathaway started

In the episode "Gut Reaction," Anna finds out she's not a match to donate marrow to Scott Anspaugh, but she is to another patient out of state and agrees to donate her marrow. At the hospital's banquet, Anna reveals to Carter that she's still not over her ex-boyfriend, Max. In the episode "Shades of Grey," Anna appears to have concerns about abortion when she help treats patients who were injured in an abortion clinic bombing.

Carter and Anna's relationship is strained when Anna's ex-boyfriend, Dr. Max Rocher comes to Chicago to see her. Anna isn't too confident in trusting Max after his rough drug addiction and is frustrated whenever she has to deal with Carter and Max in the same room. Anna's last appearance was in the episode, "A Hole in the Heart." In the 5th season premiere, it is revealed that Anna moved back to Philadelphia with Max to work in a pediatric ER.


  • Mother (name unknown)
  • Father (name unknown)
  • Siblings (names unknown)

Medical Titles at County GeneralEdit

  • E.R. Pediatric Fellow (1997-1998)

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