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Season SevenEdit

Chen releases a secret and tells Weaver she is pregnant. She gives up her child to the Reeds. She actually wanted to do many things, but Greene sometimes said no.

Later on, however, though, she does try to save patients, but coping with Carter and Weaver can drive her crazy. Her pregnancy was easily forgotten herself, as she worked with patients, but she regretted after looking of a picture of him and his adoptive parents. Chen and Greene disagree sometimes, and it can be frustrating for Abby.

Towards the end of the season, she decides to take some days off, and Carter gets harsh jealousy when that happens that he decides to abandon half of his career (which was restarted in season eleven).

Season EightEdit

Chen is unhappy when she hears problems. In the episode "The Letter" She finds out almost everyone is mourning for Greene

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Medical Titles at County GeneralEdit

  • Medical Student (1995)
  • E.R. Resident (1999-2001)
  • E.R. Chief Resident (2001)
  • E.R. Attending (2002-2004)