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Dr. Mark Greene was a doctor at County General Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. He was portrayed by Anthony Edwards from 1994 to 2001.

His role on the show was that of a mediator & occasional authority figure. He was considered the main character of the series for the first eight seasons.

Mark suffered a brain tumor in the 7th season which was surgically removed and had seemed to be on the road to recovery, but during the 8th season, Mark's tumor grew back, but it was inoperable. He later resigns from the ER and passes away near the end of the 8th season.

Character HistoryEdit

Early LifeEdit

Mark (who was an only child) was raised by his mother, Ruth and father, David. David Greene served in the United States Navy, so the family moved frequently and lived all over the country, including Jacksonville, Florida, Norfolk, Virginia, Corpus Christi, Texas, Washington D.C., Kings Bay, Georgia and Hawaii (where they spent three years) David's longest assignment.

Mark had a very strained relationship with his father and was decidedly closer to his mother. He would often act out in an attempt to upset his father & aimed his goals in the opposite of what his father wanted.

Mark thought his father's Navy career mattered more to him than his family, only to later learn that David was on track to be an Admiral and turned down the chance in order to come home and help Mark with a bully. The most memorable time of his childhood was when his family was in Hawaii, a time he would later recreate with his eldest daughter Rachel during the last few weeks of his life.

While still in high school, Mark met and soon after developed a romantic relationship with Jennifer ( or Jen). Presumably, their relationship lasted the duration of their time in college, and at some point around the time Mark was at medical school, he married Jennifer. His daughter, Rachel was born shortly afterwards.

While in medical school, Mark met future colleague Peter Benton. He then completed his internship and residency in the Emergency Department of County General Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, from there he was awarded the position of Chief Resident of the Emergency Department.

While there, Mark developed close friendships with Doug Ross, a pediatrician, Susan Lewis, an ER resident & nurse manager, Carol Hathaway.

Although Mark enjoys working the ER, the many nights on call and the long hours (in addition to Jen's decision to complete law school) have strained their marriage.

Season OneEdit

Mark is shown as a fourth-year emergency medicine resident & chief resident of County ER. He initially appears as an extremely competent, hard working & emotionally stable doctor.

During the season, it becomes apparent that Mark and Jen's marriage is on the rocks (especially after Mark is offered and accepts an attending physician's position by David Morgenstern

Jen is revealed to be clerking for a judge in Milwaukee and has become frustrated over commuting & living separately to accommodate Mark's job.

In the episode "Love's Labor Lost", Mark makes a costly mistake while treating a pregnant woman named Jodi O'Brien who dies from complications in childbirth.

Season TwoEdit

Mark is promoted to attending physician and faces legal issues over a lawsuit regarding Jodi O'Brien's death.

After Jen is injured in a car accident, it is revealed that Jen has been having an affair with another man which ultimately leads to Mark splitting up with her & eventually filing for divorce.

He is also shown clashing with Doug Ross over his reckless professional behavior and becoming close with his colleague Dr. Susan Lewis.

Season ThreeEdit

Mark starts developing feelings for Susan, but she ends up leaving County to work in Phoenix, Arizona. During the season, he briefly dates nurse Chuny Marquez.

Towards the end of the season, he gets attacked in the men's room at work, but it's unknown who was responsible for it. In the season finale, Mark buys a gun and uses to scare away a group of punks on the El train who harass him, but he later throws into the river.

Season FourEdit

In the fourth season, Mark is shown recovering from his assault in the last season and dates new desk clerk Cynthia Hooper.

He also accompanies Doug on a road trip to California after Doug's father is killed in a car accident. While on the trip, they visit Mark's parents where it's revealed that there is some tension between Mark and his father, David.

He later returns to California when his mother, Ruth suffers from a stroke.

Season FiveEdit

In the fifth season, Mark is shown doing a paramedic ride-along and helps a janitor named Mobalage (who works at the hospital) who is suffering from PTSD due to the torture that he suffered from in Nigeria.

He and Dr. Elizabeth Corday begin dating each other.

Season SixEdit

In the sixth season, Mark and Elizabeth are shown still dating each other. In the season premiere, it's revealed that Mark's mother, Ruth has died.

His father, David later moves to Chicago, but it's later revealed that he is suffering from lung cancer (which he eventually dies from towards the end of the season).

Season SevenEdit

In the seventh season, Mark proposes to Elizabeth and they move into a house together. It is later revealed that Elizabeth is pregnant.

After struggling to speak & suffering from headaches, Mark undergoes tests which reveal that he has a brain tumor. At first, he is told that the tumor is inoperable, but he later goes to New York to get a second opinion and undergoes surgery to remove the tumor.

After the tumor is removed, Mark's personality changes which concerns his colleagues (especially Kerry Weaver), but towards the end of the season, he begins recovering.

Towards the end of the season, Mark & Elizabeth get married and Elizabeth gives birth to their daughter, Ella. He treats a young boy named Ben Fossen, who is revealed to have been the victim of child abuse at the hands of his father, Derek.

After Mark gets Social Services involved which results in Ben being taken away from Derek, Derek goes on a shooting rampage throughout Chicago which makes Mark fear for the safety of his wife & infant daughter.

Derek's rampage is later put to an end after being shot by an armed civilian. When Mark takes him up to the operating room for surgery, Derek goes into cardiac arrest in the elevator, but instead of defibrillating him, Mark allows him to arrest & Derek ends up dying.

Season EightEdit

In the eighth season premiere, Mark

Season FifteenEdit


  • Mark and his ex-wife, Jen
  • A young Mark and his father, David
  • Mark says goodbye to Susan Lewis (season 3)
  • After Mark is physically assaulted in the men's restroom at work (season 3)
  • Mark uses a gun to defend himself from a group of hoods harassing him (season 3)
  • Mark and Elizabeth Corday
  • Mark becomes the target of obsession by new E.R. chief Dr. Amanda Lee (season 5)
  • Mark cares for his father, David, who has end-stage lung cancer (season 6)
  • Mark is comforted by Elizabeth after the death of his father (season 6)
  • Mark and Elizabeth get married (season 7)

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