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Dr. Kerry Weaver was an emergency room doctor at County General Hospital in Chicago. She was portrayed by Laura Innes from 1995 to 2007.

Kerry arrived at County General as the Chief Resident and later became an attending physician, then rose to the Chief of Emergency Medicine and finally the Hospital Chief of Staff. Through it all, Kerry remained unfazed by her physical disability until much later in the show's life, which required her to move about the crowded and chaotic ER with a crutch, and by her controversial standing among colleagues.

Kerry has been regarded as abrasive, cold, and officious. Having had some heterosexual relationships, Kerry is later revealed to be a lesbian and her sexual orientation is one of her key storylines during her time on the show.

Season TwoEdit


Kerry is introduced in the episode "Welcome Back, Carter." When she was first hired by Mark Greene as the chief resident, it let down much of the ER staff who didn't care for Kerry's detail-oriented approach in the trauma rooms. Kerry would often clash with doctors Doug Ross and Susan Lewis over most of the procedures in patient care. In addition, Kerry's strong beliefs in administrative policies would be dragged out into every unnecessary aspect in the workplace. It is shown that Kerry has a limp and walks with a crutch, but the reason for that is not specified yet.

Season ThreeEdit

In this season, Kerry is now an ER attending. She defends Jeanie Boulet who contracted HIV from her ex-husband Al and fought to keep Jeanie's job at County.

Season FourEdit


Due to budget cuts, Kerry is forced to fire Jeanie, but Jeanie believes that she was fired because of her HIV status and takes drastic measures to keep her job, even threatening to sue the hospital. In the end, Jeanie decides not to sue the hospital and her job is revived.

After Dr. Morgenstern suffers a heart attack, Kerry takes over his position as the head of the ER. Kerry steps down when Morgenstern is well enough to go back to work, but he later leaves County after making a fatal error with a patient.

Kerry has a brief relationship with Dr. Ellis West, who works for the Synergix Group which was originally under consideration by County Hospital for a general management contract of the ER. Later, Kerry discovers that Ellis started a relationship with her in order to gain her approval of the Synergix contract. In the end, their relationship ends and Ellis withdrew the Synergix proposal.

When the ER is contaminated with benezene, Kerry suffers a seizure from the effects of the benezene toxins, but she later recovers. Near the end of the season, Kerry is furious at Doug when she finds out that Doug used ultra-rapid detox on a drug-addicted baby without parental consent.

Season FiveEdit

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When it's revealed that Dr. Morgenstern won't be returning to County, Kerry has an interview to be the new acting ER chief. Kerry loses out to Dr. Dan Litvak. Mark later tells Kerry that she was the second choice for the position. Later, Dr. Litvak turns down the job and when Dr. Anspaugh starts interviewing again, Kerry decides not to be the new ER chief and decides to focus on medicine.

Kerry starts a study on the use of sternal saws for penetrating chest injuries in the ER which succeed. Carter ends up moving into Kerry's spare room at her house when he loses his resident advisor job.

Season SixEdit


Kerry becomes the new ER Chief after supporting Dr. Romano to become the new Chief of Staff. Kerry hires her mentor, Dr. Gabriel "Gabe" Lawrence to work in the ER. When it's revealed that Dr. Lawrence may be suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer's Disease, Kerry refuses to accept it, but later does and Dr. Lawrence decides to leave County.

When Kerry treats Lucy Knight after she was stabbed by a schizophrenic patient, she becomes physically ill and later throws up outside the ER. Kerry gets suspended by Dr. Romano after she puts a central line in a teenage girl patient with Sanfilippo's Syndrome who has a DNR.

Season SevenEdit


Kerry and Dr. Legapsi

Kerry develops a crush on psychiatrist Kim Legapsi, but she was afraid to admit that she was a lesbian. While Dr. Legaspi was an openly lesbian and willing to pursue a romantic relationship with Kerry, she became frustrated that Kerry was not only in the closet, but she also suffered from internalized homophobia and thus the relationship got off to a slow start.

When Kerry was able to admit to herself that she was a lesbian, she was worried about what her co-workers would think about her and the consequences it might have on her career. She first revealed it to Dr. Luka Kovač. When Dr. Romano planned to fire Dr. Legapsi over allegations that Dr. Legapsi sexually harrassed a female patient, Kerry revealed to him that she was a lesbian. Near the end of the season, Dr. Legapsi broke up with Kerry and in the next season, it's revealed that she took a new job in San Francisco.

Season EightEdit

Season NineEdit

Season TenEdit

Season ElevenEdit

Season TwelveEdit

Season ThirteenEdit


Medical Titles at County GeneralEdit

  • E.R. Chief Resident (1995-1996)
  • E.R. Attending (1996-2007)
  • Acting Chief of Emergency Medicine (1997-1998)
  • Chief of Emergency Medicine (1999-2003)
  • Chief of Staff (2003-2006)

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