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Dr. Lucy Knight was a medical student who worked at County General Hospital in Chicago. She appeared on the show from the fifth season to her tragic death in the sixth season. She was portrayed by Kellie Martin from 1998 to 2000.

Season FiveEdit


Lucy is introduced in the season premiere as Dr. Carter's 3rd year medical student while she did her emergency medicine rotation. At first, she and Carter get to a rocky start, but their relationship later smooths out.

At the beginning of her rotation at County General, she was popular with the attendings and nurses, who often treated her as another colleague. Lucy does run into trouble with Nurse Carol Hathaway after she asks for help with an IV. Lucy, unable to start an IV asks Carol for help and doesn't own up to Carter that she can't start one until they end up in a trauma.

Lucy winds up in trouble with Carter again after a Halloween party at her med school gets out of control and two students nearly die. Angry about work that has been thrown at him at the last minute, Carter leaves Lucy in charge of the party even though, as the RA, it's his responsibility. Carter and Lucy eventually come to an agreement after the episode, "The Good Fight" when they spend a whole searching for a little girl's father who has the same extremely rare blood type as she does in order to save her life. Although the pair find the father, it is ultimately too late for the girl. At the end of this episode, Carter and Lucy reconcile in their sadness at their failure. During this episode, Lucy reveals to Carter that she was brought up by her mother, and that she didn't know her father.

In the episode, "The Storm (Part One)," Lucy accidentally karate kicks Carter while performing a work-out video with Nurse Chuny Marquez in an exam room. Carter is knocked over and is treated for a cut on his head. While Lucy treated Carter, they made out in the x-ray room, but nothing came from it. Carter ended their brief relationship since it is unethical for medical students and their residents to be romantically involved.

Near the end of the season, it is revealed that Lucy takes Ritalin and has been on it since high school. Carter urges her to quit and she eventually does. When her performance at County begins to suffer, Lucy goes back on the Ritalin without telling Carter.

Season SixEdit

Lucy's role in the early episodes of season 6 are rather small, having only minor subplots such as helping a young artist who was taking cocaine or by urging Dr. Dave Malucci to come forward and admit his possible mistake when using a Bunsen Burner that was thought to have caused an explosion in the ER. The explosion was later proven to have nothing to do with the Bunsen Burner which Dave, thanks to Lucy's urging, admitted to using.

Lucy clashed with nurse Carol Hathaway when they both made a plea for the last bed in a rehab clinic, the bed ultimately went to Carol's patient which led to outright friction between the pair. Lucy also clashed with Dr. Finch when Cleo undermined Lucy's judgment in regard to a young boy and his Mother who both had alcohol abuse problems.

Lucy was finally able to come into her own and show her potential in the Christmas episode, "How the Finch Stole Christmas" when a patient named Valerie Paige comes to the ER in desperate need of a heart transplant. Lucy goes above and beyond to ensure Valerie gets the life saving procedure she needs even going so far as to bang on Dr. Robert Romano's door in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve. Though, initially angry with her, Romano agrees to do the operation after Lucy berates him for his seemingly flippant attitude towards the dying patient. Though she faces a reprimand from Romano, he seems to have more respect for her from then on.

Later in the episode, "The Domino Heart", Valerie dies from complications after another surgery, devastating Lucy. This makes her ponder her time at County General and prompts her to give a moving speech to Dr. Luka Kovac about it, "It's never been very easy for me to be here, sometimes I felt like I would never fit in. But at the beginning of every day I have been grateful that I'm walking in here of my own choosing and not being carried in here on some gurney and at the end of every day if I have helped just one person, it's been worth it. And that didn't happen today and it makes me sad..."

Luka reminds Lucy that her day is not yet over and that she may still help that one person. At that moment another patient arrives near the ambulance bay, and Luka asks her to assist. The episode ends with them rushing the patient into the ER and Luka teaching her procedures and asking her questions.


Be still heart115

Lucy is brutally stabbed by a schizophrenic patient.

All in family76

Lucy thanks Dr. Corday for treating her.

All in family104

Lucy's condition takes a turn for the worse and she dies due to complications.

All in family144

The last appearance of Lucy Knight.

On Valentine's Day, Lucy treats a schizophrenic patient named Paul Sobricki. While in a delusional state, Paul acquires a knife that was to be used to cut a Valentine's Day cake and stabs Lucy multiple times: twice in the abdomen, once in the chest, and once in the neck. When Dr. Carter enters the room, he sees a Valentine for Lucy on the floor. When he picks it up and looks over it smiling, Paul comes up behind Dr. Carter and stabs him twice in his lower back. Dr. Carter falls into shock and hits the floor, gazing in surprise at Lucy lying in blood on the other side of the gurney. Her face is pale, and her hair is wet with blood. She is in shock and soon passes out.

Lucy received 4 serious stab wounds to her internal organs, lung, and neck. Dr. Weaver & Dr. Corday are able to stabilize Lucy in the ER, and Dr. Corday & Dr. Romano are then able to repair her tissue damage. Lucy's last words to Dr. Corday are, "Thank you." Soon, Lucy develops complications which includes a pulmonary embolism. Despite the efforts of Dr. Corday and Dr. Romano, Lucy dies while in the catheter lab awaiting a Greenfield filter. She is pronounced dead at 2:56.

Lucy's memorial service takes place in the episode "Be Patient," although it is not seen on-screen. In the episode, Carter asks Jing-Mei "Deb" Chen how the funeral was and she replies that it was quite pleasant, but that it was strange to be attending a funeral for Lucy. That same day, Lucy's mother, Barbara Knight, arrives to clear out her locker. She eventually seeks Carter out and, after an afternoon of talking, asks Carter if being stabbed hurts, as her daughter spoke highly of him. Carter lies and says that it didn't hurt at all.

In the episode "A Match Made In Heaven," a letter for Lucy arrives from a med school. She had matched to County and had she lived, she would have been given a position as a psych resident.

Lucy is mentioned in season 9 when Carter wants better security as Dr. Chen and Abby get held at gun point s Carter then he causes a walk out which he mentions Lucy as she got stabbed


  • Barbara Knight (mother)
  • Father (unknown)

Medical Titles at County GeneralEdit

  • Medical Student (1998-2000)

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